Trump Campaign Surrogate Secretly Warning Friends This Administration Could "End in Disaster"

Either he’s waking up, or he’s about as two-faced as they come.

Peter Thiel, the openly gay co-founder of PayPal, who stood on the stage at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last year, and announced that the Republican party should get away from the “fake” culture wars (This is the same guy whose company pulled out of North Carolina because of the bathroom law), shocked quite a few when he appeared at the convention.


He declared Donald Trump the most gay-friendly candidate ever, and planted his flag on Trump’s side.

Buzzfeed News is reporting that while Thiel has openly supported Trump, behind the scenes, he has declared the Trump administration “incompetent,” and believes it will end in disaster.

Peter Thiel’s unguarded remarks have surprised associates, some of whom are still reeling from his full-throated endorsement of Trump at the Republican National Convention. And while the investor stands by the president in public — “I support President Trump in his ongoing fight,” he said in a statement to BuzzFeed News — his private doubts underscore the fragility of the president’s backing from even his most public allies. Thiel’s comments may sting in particular in the White House as they come amid a series of hasty and embarrassed departures from the Trump train, as conservative voices from the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page to the floor of the US Senate have begun to distance themselves from the administration.

Thiel’s views remain private — but various disparaging comments were recounted to BuzzFeed News by three separate sources, and others who subsequently confirmed those accounts. These people requested anonymity for fear of damaging personal relationships and possible retribution.

The piece goes on to point out that while Thiel said the administration was off to a “terrific start” in June, from 2016 up until May, he was grousing privately, expressing his dissatisfaction with the bumbling and turmoil.

The sources who talked with BuzzFeed News spent time with Thiel in private group settings before and after the election at his homes in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Hawaii, engaging in candid discussions on the PayPal cofounder’s politics and his backing of Trump. At one event with friends in January 2017, Thiel said of Trump’s presidency that “there is a 50% chance this whole thing ends in disaster,” according to two people who were in attendance. In other conversations, he questioned the president’s ability to be reelected.


Thiel’s not exactly denying any of the reports, either.

Through a spokesperson, he mentioned the resistance to change that exists in Washington, D.C. and reiterated his support for President Trump.

Thiel served as a California delegate in May 2016, and was named as a speaker shortly before the convention was to take place.

“He saw an opportunity to help somebody, who was not a sure thing, and get in on the ground floor,” said a friend of Thiel’s on his decision to speak at the RNC.

The RNC would be the first time Thiel met with Trump and his family in person. In a private dinner that summer following the event, a person who attended described Thiel as “giddy” and excited about the crowd’s reaction to his speech. This person also told BuzzFeed News that Thiel freely offered his first impressions of the Republican candidate, characterizing him as having “narcissistic tendencies.” He also suggested, in a claim that would be reiterated later, that if Trump were to be elected, there was a half probability that his presidency would end in failure.

Thiel also spoke on Halloween Day to Washington’s National Press Club, pimping Trump’s “outsider” creds and calling the Access Hollywood tapes “inappropriate.”

“No matter what happens in this election, what Trump represents isn’t crazy and it’s not going away,” he said.

At a gathering at his home in Los Angeles the weekend before the election, a source in attendance said Thiel reiterated that point. But in at least one private conversation, Thiel admitted he didn’t have much confidence in either candidate. Whoever wins, he said, will likely be a one-term president, according to a person familiar with the discussion, with Thiel predicting that there would be a major financial catastrophe in the next four years.


Thiel apparently was hedging his bets and clinging, in order to be close to power.

Thiel’s name was floated as a possible Supreme Court pick, at one time, which he quickly blew off, and thankfully, proved to be just a rumor.

While he took no role, beyond working on the transition team for himself, he did install some of his associates into roles within the administration.

Michael Kratsios, Thiel’s former chief of staff, was named deputy chief technology officer. A colleague named Kevin Harrington got a position with the National Security Council, as a deputy assistant to the president, and Justin Mikolay, part of Thiel’s data analysis company, was giving a Defense Department role.

After organizing a meeting with technology leaders at Manhattan’s Trump Tower in December, where he was thanked profusely by the president-elect, Thiel spent the New Year’s holiday in Maui with about a dozen friends. While he worked for some of the time, he engaged with his close friends at meals and events, debating Trump’s merits with some of his more liberal attendees. According to two people in attendance, Thiel described the administration as a work in progress and discounted the suggestion that progress on social issues like gay marriage might be rolled back in the next four years. But these same people said Thiel tempered his enthusiasm with a caveat during one meal, remarking that “there is a 50% chance this whole thing ends in disaster.”

He has further said:

“I always have very low expectations, so I’m rarely disappointed,” he said of his role in the administration.

In describing the administration, Thiel used one defining word in front of his guests: “incompetent.”


Yet, you are complicit in pimping him to the people.

So if Thiel is this disloyal behind the scenes about the man he wanted forced on the American people, what are the rest of Trump’s “friends” saying?


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