Goaded By Stories of 2020 GOP Challengers, Trump Lashes Out

Over the weekend, the New York Times and several other outlets discussed the possibility of Vice President Mike Pence preparing for a run at the presidency in 2020, should Trump decide not to seek reelection.

The gist of the story was that Pence’s own political action committee was quietly surpassing that of Trump’s organization, in raising funds and awareness of Pence’s role.

Other Republicans may very well be pursuing 2020 ambitions, as well.

The general idea is that if Trump somehow makes it through this first 4-year term, the great ruse will be complete, and he’ll walk away, profile raised, coffers stuffed.

You have to wonder if the New York Times isn’t poking Trump with a sharp stick, here. He tends to get nutty when he thinks a member of his circle is getting more attention than him (See: Steve Bannon on the cover of Time Magazine).

Of course, Pence quickly denounced the stories, saying the media was trying to divide the administration.

Maybe, but a simple, “Not at all” would have sufficed, Mr. Pence.

The efforts may have worked, since Trump lashed out with a rambling series of tweets, this morning.

So much insecurity on display.

The reports were just speculation. Trump is not having a smooth run. He’s over 70-years old. The presidency takes a toll on those who take up the mantle, even for those who are experienced and know what they’re doing. To consider that he may want to be one-and-done are not far-fetched. He has his health and quality of life to consider.

If the president starts taking shots at his VP over Twitter, however, we’ll know why.

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