VIDEO: Lindsey Graham Slams Trump's Weakness in Sessions Twitter Attacks

This is the equivalent of telling a schoolyard bully to put up, or shut up.

Senator Lindsey Graham, no Trump fan, by any stretch, is calling out the Tweeter-in-Chief and challenging him to have the guts to back up his attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


Speaking Wednesday morning, Graham basically challenged Trump to stop being such a little wuss.

“The weakness is that the president is trying to not use his power, he is trying to get Sessions to quit. And I hope Sessions doesn’t quit. If the president wants to fire him, fire him,” Graham told CNN on Wednesday morning.

When Trump’s whining about Sessions’ recusal first began, Sessions actually offered to resign, but Trump didn’t accept.

Whether he truly wanted Sessions to stay on, or whether this new level of attacks is because the Mueller investigation has suddenly struck far too close to home, causing a fresh wave of fear and concern over House Trump remains to be seen.

Whatever it is, Trump does not come across as the noble victim of an actual “witch hunt,” but rather, a petulant, cruel little man.

“You think the president is demonstrating weakness by his handling of Sessions?” CNN reporter Manu Raju asked Graham.

“Absolutely. I think anybody who is strong would use the power they have and be confident in their decision. So strong people say, ‘I’ve decided that this man or woman can’t serve me well and I’m going to act accordingly and take the consequence,'” Graham added. “To me, weakness is when you play around the edges and you don’t use the power you have.”


I’m pretty sure the goal here is to get Trump to shut up.

His attacks are a distraction. They are nonproductive and petty.

Graham, like many of his colleagues, has the right idea.


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