Trump Tweets Erroneously About the Military's Transgender Policy, Causing GOP Senators to Object

So not everyone agrees with President Trump’s [erroneous] Twitter announcement, in regards to the banning of transgendered persons in the military.

I personally agree with everything he said, and you’d all better print this out, highlight it, and hang it on your fridge, because you’re not likely to hear that from me often, if ever again.


However, members of his own party have taken issue with it, and have taken a vocal stand against him.

So far, Senators Joni Ernst (Iowa), Orrin Hatch (Utah), Richard Shelby (Ala.), and John McCain (Ariz.) have taken a public stand against Trump’s tweets.

I brought you McCain’s response in an earlier article.

McCain warned against attempting to express complicated policy issues through tweets, and pointed out that the Department of Defense is allowing transgender service members already enlisted to continue to serve. That has not changed.

Now, does that mean that Trump won’t push to block all military involvement by transgendered individuals in the near future?

Not at all. He can try, and he should.

For now, however, he shouldn’t be pre-tweeting his intentions, as if they’re already existing policy. As McCain pointed out, it’s confusing.

Senator Hatch spoke up in agreement with Senator McCain.

“I don’t think we should be discriminating against anyone,” Hatch wrote. “Transgender people are people, and deserve the best we can do for them. I look forward to getting much more information and clarity from our military leaders about the policy the president tweeted today.”


Senator Shelby went on to suggest the current transgender policy was “a big tent for people who want to serve.”

Well, it’s a circus. I’ll give him that.

There is nearly a decade’s worth of bad Obama-era policies that need to be rooted out and disposed of. This is just one of them.




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