George H.W. Bush's 1988 Letter to His Son About Handling Leaks And Media Is Everything

Remember when there was sanity and decorum in government?

I know. It’s been awhile.

In light of the insanity in the press, regarding Donald Trump and just how badly he and his administration, including his son, have handled interactions with the media, it seems most bizarre to look back and realize that there was a time when caution and reason were exercised by politicos in the limelight.


In a May 1988 letter from then-VP and presidential nominee, George H.W. Bush to his son, George W. Bush, the elder Bush gave warning to his son about how to deal with the press, as the competition against the Democrat nominee, Michael Dukakis, was about to heat up.

The good folks over at Reagan Battalion tweeted out the letter earlier today.

In the letter, Bush gave this sage advice:

“As we move closer to November, you’ll find you’ve got a lot of new friends. They may become real friends. Or if the polls show Dukakis kicking us – – there might be some friendships that will vaporize. They’ll ask for things – – ‘Do you know anyone at Commerce? Can you call Joe Doakes at State?’


My plea is this: please do not contact any federal agency or department on anything. A call from a “Bush” will get returned, but there is a great likelihood that it will be leaked; maybe deliberately misrepresented.”

This is how you handle issues with the press internally, with family, or any who may be approached in regards to administration business.

Maybe somebody could get this letter over to the Trump White House, ASAP?



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