New Gallup Poll: Is The Media Coverage Of Trump Too Tough?

So is President Trump getting an unfair shake in the media?

It’s a given that any Republican president is going to have to catch the brunt of liberal wrath from a media that is largely left-tilting. Trump’s childish ranting and Twitter meltdowns don’t help. If anything, they serve as fuel for the engines of media attacks.


A recent Gallup poll asked if Americans felt the news media was being uncommonly tough in their coverage of the president.

The results are split almost evenly.

Thirty-five percent of respondents felt the news media are being too tough in their coverage of Trump. On the other hand, another 34 percent see the coverage as not being tough enough.

Then there are the 28 percent who feel the coverage is about as it should be.

The picture becomes decidedly less balanced, when you put a partisan spin on it.

Republicans and Democrats differ in their opinions of the president.

A majority of Republicans, 77 percent, said the media’s coverage of Trump is too tough, compared to just 7 percent who said it is not tough enough.

But among Democrats, only 8 percent think the media’s coverage is too tough and 53 percent think it is not tough enough. Another 38 percent of Democrats think it is about right.


It’s interesting how things can change over a few months.

Back in January, just after the inauguration, 36 percent of voters felt the news media was being too tough on Trump, with only 28 percent who felt the coverage wasn’t tough enough.

That was the honeymoon period, I suppose.

This latest poll had 1,021 adult respondents, and was conducted from July 5 to July 9. It has a margin of error of 4 percent.


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