Trump Was Right: Iowa Woman Pleads Guilty To Attempting To Vote Twice

When he’s right, he’s right. I can admit that.

There was fraud during the 2016 election. At the very least, there was attempted fraud.

CBS News is reporting that a 57-year old Des Moines, Iowa woman has pled guilty to election misconduct, for attempting to vote twice in the 2016 election.


According to the Associated Press, Terri Lynn Rote, 57, entered her plea for the felony charge on June 27. Court documents state that lawyers affiliated with the case are recommending Rote face up two years of probation with community service on the side.

Rote told police why she tried to vote more than once. She was convinced her first vote for Mr. Trump would be manipulated and changed to a vote for then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. According to her statement to the police, Rote believed Mr. Trump’s claims about widespread election rigging.

As the election season hit its peak, and every poll showed Trump behind Hillary Clinton, Trump began pushing the idea that the polls were rigged, the election would be rigged, everybody should prepare themselves for the loss.

None were more shocked when Trump won than Trump, himself. I promise you. Clinton may have been a close second.

Regardless, Trump invested a lot of effort to push the “rigged election” spiel. Rote is just one who bought it.

Sentencing is set for August 15. Rote was arrested in October at a satellite voting station when she attempted to cast the second ballot. According to police records reviewed by the Washington Post, Rote’s first early-voting ballot was issued at the Polk County Election Office.

In January, according to the Des Moines Register, Rote’s defense attorney argued in a filing that she had “significant mental deficits” that should have prevented her from having to stand trial.


To be clear, I do believe voter fraud is an actual thing that happens. I’m still convinced, based on the amount of time I’ve spent on the issue, that North Carolina was infested with it, thanks to the helping hand Democrats had from liberal activist judges from the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, who waited until just a few short weeks before the 2016 election to nix commonsense voter ID laws for the state.

However, as Ms. Rote’s case proves, fraud and deception at the polls can happen on either side.

Trump established a commission to investigate voter fraud in the election, in order to prove he actually won the popular vote, as well.

No, that was the actual reason he began the commission. So far, it’s not going so well. Around 45 states are refusing to turn over voter data, mainly because they view the request of the panel to be politically motivated. Also, it is breathtaking overreach by the federal government, and Republicans were supposed to be against that.



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