Who Will Be Included In The Meeting Between Presidents Trump and Putin?

Everyone has probably seen the handshake between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, by now.


Today is the day the long anticipated face-to-face between the two presidents is to happen, and there is already a bit of a buzz about what that meeting is going to look like.

According to Axios, it won’t be an overcrowded affair, with each president and their advisors, as well as other staff.

According to an official familiar with the meeting’s planning, it will be Trump, Putin, the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, and translators.

As I’m writing this, the meeting is actually minutes away, set to take place at 9:45am. Topics of discussion will likely include North Korea and the ongoing battle against ISIS.

Congress has pressed the president to confront Putin about the election meddling, but as we heard on Thursday, Trump is determined to deflect that blame to somebody else. He won’t likely approach that subject with Putin, when he just stood before reporters in Poland and cast doubts on the validity of claims that Russia was involved.

Expect to see the meeting covered extensively, if not here, everywhere else.


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