Former Rep. Chaffetz Smacks House GOP For Impotent Performance

Chaffetz unchained.

Such a burden has been lifted from former Representative Jason Chaffetz’ shoulders, that he doesn’t feel the need to sugar-coat or give excuses for the GOP’s inability to get anything done, even with the presidency, House, and Senate in the pocket.


Basically, Chaffetz is sitting in a lounge chair, sipping a cold drink, and shouting from the sidelines:


Speaking on Fox News, where he has recently been hired as a political analyst and contributor, Chaffetz slammed the inability of his former colleagues to get their act together, seven months in:

“It really feels like they really haven’t even gotten together and figured out a plan yet,” he said. “Here we are turning the corner into July and you still can’t point to a single thing that will unite us.”

He said ObamaCare was almost repealed 50 times in a way that was “almost pretend,” but now it’s “real.”

Because there’s no actual desire to repeal.

Two sides of the same coin, Mr. Chaffetz.

Senate leadership had hoped to cram through their version of an Obamacare replacement bill before leaving for their July 4 recess, but it was clear they did not have the votes to make it happen.


Now that they’re back from the holiday, they’ve set a new imaginary goal for the end of July, before leaving for the August recess.

If they don’t do a better job with this version of the bill, they shouldn’t take off in August. They need to make it happen, or they need to keep their promise and do a full repeal.

Meanwhile, like Mr. Chaffetz, I’m not holding out much hope for seeing anything happen, either.



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