Chris Christie Defiant In Face Of Criticism Over Beach Shutdown

As a student of Psychology, my immediate thoughts about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s most recent outrage is that he’s acting out.

To take he, his family and friends for a relaxing outing on a beach he had closed to the public, and then to show no remorse when the media put him on blast – that’s not just garden variety arrogance. That’s lashing out.


It’s almost like he had his dreams torn away. He had his hopes set high, with every reason to believe things were going to work out, but then, he got nothing. He was rejected, and somebody has to pay.

I’m just spit-balling some ideas, here.

Governor Christie doesn’t mince words. And he apparently doesn’t care that he is the most unpopular governor in several decades, with an approval rating of only 15 percent.

Said Christie:

“I think my poll numbers show that I don’t care about political optics,” Christie said at a press conference. “What I care about is doing what’s right and wrong.”


I think his sense of right and wrong is a bit “off.”

Lounging on a public beach that he’d closed to the public wouldn’t be doing right. Then again, whether it’s a slip of the tongue or something else, he said he cares about doing what’s right AND wrong.

This time, you were wrong, Governor.

Christie mocked the coverage, saying “they’ll win a Pulitzer for this one.”

The whole problem began with the New Jersey budget battle.

Governor Christie signed a budget Tuesday morning that came just in time to open up the beaches and state parks for the Independence Day celebrations.


Meanwhile, he’ll not soon escape the tarnish of his hubris.

Or the memes. He’s not going to shake those memes.


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