Energy Secretary Rick Perry Didn't Get The Memo That Press Briefings Aren't Supposed To Be So Animated

Well, this was different for a White House press briefing.

Former Texas Governor/current Energy Secretary Rick Perry commandeered the White House press briefing room and, as one Twitter commenter noted, had more fun doing Sean Spicer’s job than Spicer does.


Secretary Perry was there to address the accomplishments and goals of the Energy Department and addressed the topics of climate change and the Paris climate agreement (“The US already leads the world in lowering emissions. We’ve done this thru innovation & tech, not by signing agreements.”), investment in nuclear energy, and even discussed Colorado’s legalization of marijuana (Yeah, it reeled through that path, as they delved into federalism).

Given the often testy exchanges between Spicer and the press, this had to be a refreshing change of pace.

Perry smiled, gestured, and took question after question, even as it seemed aides were attempting to guide him away from the podium.

The shock of how Secretary Perry handled his first venture into the White House press room made #RickPerry a trending topic on social media.


And of course, this is politics, so there were those who had to take the usual potshots, especially since he seemed to brush aside the notion of global warming suddenly ending the world, as we know it in the next couple of years.

It was a substantive speech, but if energy portfolios, global warming, and nuclear power options aren’t your thing, you can still watch it just for the animated, upbeat press persona of Perry.


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