Hannity Confuses Conspiracy Theories He Believes, Comparing Russia Probe To Birtherism


I honestly believe Sean Hannity has suffered some sort of emotional break from reality.

Speaking with Trump lawyer, Jay Sekulow on Monday night, Hannity actually compared the probe into President Trump’s campaign team ties to Russia to – of all things – birtherism.


“This has now become, like, ‘Russia-Trump-conspiracy-birther-conspiracy,'” Hannity said as he began the interview.

“Right,” Sekulow agreed.

For those playing along at home, Trump was roundly ridiculed in 2011 for offering a reward to anyone who could get then-President Obama’s “real” birth certificate.

In 2011, Hannity asked Trump about his efforts to investigate Obama’s birth certificate during an interview about Trump’s political aspirations. In subsequent television appearances, Hannity defended Trump and other supporters of the birther conspiracy theory.

Hannity said on a Fox News panel in 2011 that “all Donald Trump said was ‘show the birth certificate and move on.'”

This is where Hannity seems to be suffering some sort of inner-conflict.

If birtherism was a legitimate concern in 2011, and he’s now comparing the Russia probe to birtherism, does that mean he actually believes there’s something to the Russia investigation?

OR, maybe he’s saying he knew he was full of steaming horse excrement back in 2011, while he was sitting on Trump’s knee and backing his crazy conspiracy theories?


It gets so confusing when you have no principles you’re willing to stand on.

That Sekulow played bobble-head to Hannity’s nonsense is probably the most appalling.

Meanwhile, as is the case in today’s world, social media caught on to Hannity’s hypocrisy and couldn’t just let it go.

For example:


And he deserved every bit of that.



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