Trump Pal Forced To Admit He Never Talked To Trump About Firing Mueller

What is it with Trump and liars?

Trump pal, and Newsmax CEO, Chris Ruddy appeared on PBS on Monday and set the news feed ablaze by saying he believed Trump was considering firing special investigator Robert Mueller.


That single comment set off article after article, with numerous comments from lawmakers and pundits, about the ramifications of Trump making such a move, right in the middle of an investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.

The general view is that it wouldn’t be a good thing, even though some argued that Trump could fire Mueller, if he wanted.

And last night, Ruddy even made comments that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was trying to undermine him, by saying that Trump had not spoken to Ruddy, nor was he planning to fire Mueller.

Because, apparently, Ruddy is full of it.

Today, Ruddy is coming clean, and admitting he didn’t actually speak to Trump about Mueller.

In an interview Tuesday on MSNBC, Ruddy said he most recently spoke with Trump last week but that the conversation did not touch on Mueller.

“I have talked to the president recently but we did not talk about the Mueller situation at all.” He said Trump called him and that “we had a good chat” but that “we did not talk about the Mueller situation.”


I have to imagine Ruddy is name-dropping, in an attempt to be seen as a bigger deal than he actually is.

Ruddy, a close friend of Trump’s, said Monday on PBS that he believed Trump was “considering” firing Mueller, who some Republicans and Trump supporters have begun criticizing for hiring Democrats to help with his investigation.

And why would you say you believed that, if you had no reason to make that kind of statement? Was it based on the relationship you feel you have with Trump? Do you guys finish each others’ sentences, too?

Ruddy said on MSNBC, however, that he still stood by his claim that Trump was considering removing Mueller from leading the investigation “as of yesterday.”

It’s a culture of lying with Trump’s friends and associates.

Nice try though, Ruddy.


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