DHS Secretary Kelly: We Are NOT Targeting "Dreamers"

At what point do Trump’s loyalists feel the most “cucked”?

So far, Planned Parenthood is still funded, Obamacare is still a thing, there’s no wall, nor has Mexico agreed to pay for one, and Obama’s “Dreamers” program (DACA) is still very much in effect.


Speaking on Wednesday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly assured the children of illegal immigrants that they are not in danger of being deported.

“We are not, not, not targeting DACA registrants right now,” Mr. Kelly told the House Homeland Security Committee.

He went on to say he gets “beat up a lot” by both Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill who say he should leave Dreamers alone. He said it’s up to them to pass a more permanent solution.

“I am hoping frankly because there is bipartisan support … for doing something about DACA legally, legislatively,” Mr. Kelly said.

We already have laws on the books about immigration. There’s no need for new legislation. So why is this still an issue?

Well, because lawmakers are unwilling to live under the laws they make seems to be the most likely explanation.

Under the 2012 amnesty illegal immigrants could gain tentative legal status if they came to the U.S. as children, were in the country by 2007, were 30 or younger as of 2012 and have pursued their high school diploma. DACA recipients were granted work permits entitling them to Social Security numbers, driver’s licenses and other taxpayer benefits.


Other lawmakers have suggested similar allowances for those who were brought here by parents or caretakers, but Trump specifically called out DACA and the immigration problem as a core campaign issue, with a promise to stop rewarding those who break the laws of our nation.


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