Wolverine Doesn't Do Politics

Well, this is refreshing.

Somebody approached a Hollywood star about our current political climate and we didn’t get a half hour lecture about how horrible our government is, the rain forest, carbon footprints, or safe spaces.


While appearing at a benefit at the Kennedy Center in Washington on Monday, Hugh Jackman, the stage actor who truly made his name in Hollywood by playing the X-Men anti-hero, Wolverine, was approached and asked to give his thoughts on American politics.

His answer was about as close to perfect as his abs.

“There’s a lot,” Jackman replied with a smile when ITK asked about his thoughts on the current political climate. “But I’m also aware — as an Aussie who actually doesn’t vote — I’d find it hard if I was in Australia and I had American actors coming down talking about my political system.”

“so I’d prefer not to, particularly on this night, which is actually a beauty,” Jackman said.

Apparently, Jackman did perform at a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton before the 2016 election.

“It’s bipartisan,” Deborra-Lee Furness Jackman, the entertainer’s wife and a children’s advocate, chimed in.

“Completely bipartisan,” Jackman nodded of the star-studded gala, which featured performances from Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, Kesha, Margaret Cho and Ben Folds, among others.

“I don’t care what side of the House you’re on,” Jackman, 48, added.

“How was that?” Jackman asked ITK, referring to his response about politics. “Did I skirt that one well?” he added with a chuckle.


You did, Sir, and good for you.

The Monday night event was put on by the David Lynch Foundation and was called “A National Night of Laughter and Song.”

It was a benefit to raise money to teach transcendental meditation to kids and veterans in the Washington area – which just goes to prove, you can get people to show up at these benefits for just about anything.

Jackman’s most recent role was said to be his last time with the adamantium claws. “Logan” was a hit at theaters, and if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s available on video now.

I highly recommend it.


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