Senator Sasse Reflects On Bill Maher And The "N-Word"

Kathy Griffin has had a really bad week.

Bill Maher, apparently, can’t take the competition.

Actually, the early responses to Maher’s latest delve into the idiotic are the stuff of alternate realities.


Namely, he uttered a racial slur on his HBO program, “Real Time” on Friday night, and his guest, Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse (the coolest man in the Senate) gets to catch all the heat for it.

Sasse appeared with Maher to talk about his new book, “The Vanishing American Adult.”

At one point, he invited Maher to come to Nebraska to experience the life, work in the fields.

Maher, feeling this would be the edgiest comedic move since fake, bloody presidential heads, feigned outrage and referred to himself as a “house ni**a.”

I’m thinking the response caught Senator Sasse quite off guard, as he smiled, uncomfortably.

Of course, Maher’s audience laughed and applauded, perfectly fine with it. They’ve apparently come to expect the idiotic out of him.

The left, of course, took aim at Sasse, pointing out that he smiled.

Truly, there was a more appropriate way to respond to the kind of crass language used by Maher, but when you’re on someone else’s turf, and you are faced with something you absolutely did not expect, the immediate reactions are not always what we would prefer.

To that point, Senator Sasse tweeted out this explanation this morning:


Sasse didn’t owe anyone an explanation for his reaction last night, and he can second guess himself endlessly, but this is not on him. The weight of this belongs with Bill Maher.


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