Ben Sasse Goes Full Metal Covfefe

Are we covfefe’d out, yet, or can we stand a little more?

Let’s make some room, because the coolest man in the senate, Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse got his covfefe on last night, and it was awesome.


While sitting at his daughter’s piano recital, Sasse decided to join the craze and add his own layer to the meaning of President Trump’s newly created word.

Oh, that was slick.

He’s giving a nod to the ridiculous statement by Sean Spicer, who suggested that “covfefe” wasn’t a typo, but an actual word that Trump and a small circle of people understood.

You know, because instead of working through the immigration problem or handling Obamacare, they’re huddling in small groups and creating a secret language.

Senator Sasse wasn’t done, yet. He continued on.


Oh, very nice. He mixed his covfefe with a “cash me ousside” reference.

The man knows his viral media.

And that, folks, is how you troll a typo.


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