It Took One Week Before Hannity Went Back to Pimping Conspiracy Theories

Disingenuous is his middle name.

It’s only been a week since Sean Hannity was chastised for pushing an internet hoax about murdered DNC staffer, Seth Rich, in spite of the pain it caused Rich’s family.


Hannity went on a vendetta to prove Rich was not the victim of a botched robbery, as Washington D.C. law enforcement have insisted, but that Hillary Clinton and the DNC were somehow culpable.

Fox News pulled the story from their website and issued a full retraction, after a heartfelt letter from the Rich family, asking them to stop pushing the story.

The background is that Rich was supposedly the source of the multiple leaks of Clinton and DNC emails that made their way to WikiLeaks just before the 2016 election.

Hannity’s motivation is to prove Rich was, in fact, the source of the leaks (lest anyone thought Hannity cared about this murdered young man or finding his killer), thereby defending the Russians who are thought to be behind hacking the emails, then forwarding them to WikiLeaks, and clearing President Trump and his team of any possible charges of collusion.

Hannity is getting all of his information from an internet troll and self-promoter, who is enjoying a boost by seeing Hannity grab every nugget he offers and running with it.

Other than this troll’s internet theories, Hannity has nothing. Just the drive to be seen as a good boy by the administration.

When Fox News made their retraction last week, Hannity defiantly refused to retract, but before it was done, he apologized for the pain he’d caused the family and said he would back off of the story.


I don’t imagine it’s a coincidence that a campaign to boycott his show and his sponsors had begun, at that point, and just like Bill O’Reilly before him, he was beginning to see ads pulled from his show.

To show just how faithless and vile the man is, he’s back from his Memorial Day vacation, at least one of his sponsors has returned – USAA – and he has ramped up the Seth Rich hoax, anew.

Sean Hannity said Tuesday he is “making progress” on unearthing the truth behind what really happened to murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich.

“Now I can report, I am making progress. We will have a lot more coming probably sooner than later,” Hannity said on Fox News.

In a recent Associated Press interview, ousted Fox News host, Bill O’Reilly opined that Fox couldn’t afford to let go of another big name. They’ve already lost Megyn Kelly, fired O’Reilly, and Hannity is probably their last big draw.

Fox has seen their ratings plummet, in this new age of Trumpism.

I know for a fact that many stopped watching them during the primaries, either because they were too slavishly devoted to promoting Donald Trump to the presidency, or because Trump, himself, set out to sabotage them by accusing Megyn Kelly of being unfair to him by asking him questions he was intellectually unprepared to answer.


Both the NeverTrump crowd and Trump loyalists suddenly had a problem with Fox News.

Knowing this, and on the heels of O’Reilly’s interview, Hannity must feel emboldened to push back against his bosses, as well as his own vow from a week ago and the fake “respect” he suddenly claimed to feel for Rich’s family.

Hannity is throwing caution to the wind, taking Fox News to the depths of InfoWars-styled conspiracy theories and crass disregard for truth and integrity.

I get that they may feel they’ve been backed into a corner with this, but Hannity is already gone, and he’s taking Fox down with him.

Now Hannity says the “country deserves the truth, because this impacts so much of what the narrative in this country is now about, which is the left and their conspiracy theory.”

Except it’s not just the left, is it?



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