After Trump's Overshare With Russian Officials, Israeli Intelligence SNAPPED

Seriously, can you blame them?

After the news broke that Trump chose to share highly classified intelligence with visiting Russian officials, pretty much all hell broke loose.

Probably the most egregious detail was that President Loose Lips also gave the location of the undercover operative that was providing the U.S. with intelligence on ISIS’ moves in Syria.

This bit of idiocy put an Israeli spy, embedded with ISIS, at risk.

And Israeli intelligence officials are MMAAAAAADDD!!

“To them, it is horrifying,” a U.S. defense official told Foreign Policy. “Their first question was: What is going on? What is this?”

The official said that Israeli intelligence officials were shouting at their American counterparts in meetings just days before Trump arrives in Tel Aviv.

The report follows another article earlier this week that said Israeli intelligence officers were “boiling mad and demanding answers” over Trump’s disclosure, which came during an Oval Office meeting with two Russian diplomats last week.

You have to wonder how Trump will be received in Israel on his first foreign trip, after going back on his word to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, suggesting that Israel stop building settlements in the West Bank, and now this.

The official cited by Foreign Policy said the details shared by the president may have come from a source that was knowledgeable about Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and its ties to Hezbollah – an adversary to Israel – in Syria and Lebanon.

The official said there is a fear in Israel that Trump’s slip could damage the country’s intelligence and put lives as risk. Trump on Twitter defended his interactions with the Russians, saying he shared “facts” amid the mutual fight against ISIS.

There’s “sharing facts,” and there’s “sharing facts/intelligence with our adversaries.”

Trump seems to have a problem distinguishing between our true allies (Israel) and those who have already proven they are absolutely opposed to us.

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