Bad Advice 101: Kushner Reportedly Behind Trump's Aggressive Reaction To News of Special Counselor

If you saw Trump’s spastic reaction to the announcement of Robert Mueller as special counsel over the investigation into Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election, you probably asked yourself why nobody is counseling the man to play it cool.


No, it’s not a witch hunt. Your people have stepped in it, and so have you.

Apparently, the president is getting bad advice from the top.

By “the top” I mean Jared Kushner.

After Trump learned Mueller’s appointment, the president called in staff members including Kushner, White House press secretary Sean Spicer, communications director Michael Dubke, chief of staff Reince Priebus and chief strategist Stephen Bannon, The New York Times reported.

While most of the people encouraged the president to issue a statement accepting the decision of the deputy attorney general, Kushner didn’t agree, two senior administration officials told the Times.

Instead, Kushner pushed for the president to counterattack.


At this point, we have to think Jared is trying to help Daddy-in-law get back to Manhattan.

The reaction came across as petulant and immature.

Trump, petulant, immature… redundant, I know.

Taking an adversarial approach is probably the absolute WORST reaction, but those seem to be the only reactions Trump has, these days.

A cooler head, under the circumstances, would have shown a president who feels he has nothing to worry about.

What the world saw was a desperate man, lashing out.


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