Anti-Trump Artist Warns Trump Supporters "Don't Come To My Show, You Won't Enjoy It" (Video)


Todd Rundgren, the singer/songwriter who probably enjoyed his greatest success in the 1970s with songs like “Hello, It’s Me” and “Can We Still Be Friends” is apparently rolling his oxygen tank out on stage and still doing shows.


He’s also got a message for Trump supporters: Stay away!

Said Rundgren:

“If I had the power, I’d say: If you’re a Trump supporter, don’t come to my show, because you won’t have a good time,” Rundgren said in a Variety interview released Sunday.

I’m not really sure what kind of draw Rundgren is, anymore, but he’s been working on new material. His latest album, “White Knight” is a collaboration with other artists, including Donald Fagen, and features an anti-Trump song called “Man in the Tin Foil Hat.”

His message to Trump fans was quite specific.

“I guarantee that in this show, if you’re a Trump supporter, you will likely be offended. Let the buyer beware! I mean, if you can’t take a joke, or you can’t admit that you’ve made a mistake, you don’t belong with the rest of us,” he said with a laugh, according to the interview.

“And also, I don’t understand your frickin’ values. Because I’m not singing about that. If you don’t understand that basic thing, you’re just fooling yourself,” he added.


I get the Trump loathing, but really, when you’re 30 years or more past your zenith and your work is the stuff they give you in place of ether at the dentist’s office, it would seem you would take a more conciliatory tone with those still willing to turn out to support you.

Somebody actually got footage of the Trump tribute at a recent Rundgren show, so if  you were planning to make it, and you’re a Trump supporter, you can see what you’re in for, here.

Yeah, Black Sabbath’s “Hole in the Sky” it ain’t.
Hard pass.


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