A State Department Office Once Again Seems To Promote A Trump Family Product

It seems like only last month that the State Department was slammed for posting a blog that seemingly promoted Donald Trump’s lavish club, Mar-a-Lago.

Oh, wait… it was only a month ago.


Not ones to catch on quick, they’re now being pinched for promoting Trump’s favorite child’s book.

Technically, it was a sub-agency of the State Department, the Office of Global Women’s Issues – yes, apparently that department exists – that retweeted a tweet from Ivanka Trump, showing her sister, Tiffany, and sister-in-law, Lara, both reading her book, “Women Who Work.”

And let me go ahead and give a synopsis of the book that I’ve culled from various reviews.

Rather than imparting pearls of hard-learned wisdom, it’s a collection of pat bromides, sometimes repeated in more than one chapter, that never really go anywhere.

But back to this particular situation.

While the retweet may not break any laws, it could potentially violate federal rules that prohibit the use of public office to promote commercial products, ABC reported.

The State Department’s Office of Global Women’s Issues is a group that attempts “promote the rights and empowerment of women and girls through U.S. foreign policy.”

None of which Ivanka Trump’s book deals with.

When the Twittersphere blew up with criticism, the retweet was taken down, but what’s done is done.

Is the same person running the State Department blog site the same person running their Twitter account?


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