VIDEO: Trump Applauds The Excellent Relationship Between Israel and Palestine

This is seriously one where you have to ask yourself if he has lapsed into a parody of himself.

You can absolutely pinpoint where he goes off script. His speechwriters must be on a really high dosage of Xanax, by now.


The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is legendary. The war for territory extends backwards to the time the Jews returned to their ancestral homeland from persecution in Europe, aided by Great Britain and the United States.

It is possibly the single most sensitive issue in the whole of the Middle East.

The relationship between Israel and the Palestinians is fascinating to President Trump, as well.

Maybe not the same way as it is for the rest of the world, but, fascinating, just the same.

He even spoke about it after his meeting on Wednesday with Palestinian President Abbas.

President Donald Trump asserted on Wednesday that the Israel government and the Palestinian Authority “get along unbelievably well.”

During a press conference with State of Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas, Trump praised Palestinian National Authority for its efforts to combat ISIS.

“I also applaud the Palestinian Authority’s continued cooperation with Israel,” Trump said. “They get along unbelievably well… They work together beautifully.”


This is a statement that can be dissected and twisted in a multitude of ways, but I can just about guarantee you, somebody heard it and immediately leapt to: “See? Even Trump knows it’s the Palestinians who are cooperating! It’s Israel that stands in the way of peace!”

Not good.

Not good, and definitely not true.

You can watch the bizarre declaration below.

Watch, and be amazed.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a handful of antacids to choke back.



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