Could Trump's Religious Liberties Order Be A Godsend For Christian Business Owners?

A new report says Vice President Mike Pence has been leaning on President Trump to make good on some promises to his Evangelical base, and to sign a new order on religious liberties.


Politico reported Tuesday that two senior administration officials confirmed the plan. One source noted that the language of the order has not yet been finalized by the White House lawyers, but a draft leaked in February would give businesses and individuals the ability to claim broad religious objections.

In other words, they won’t have to bake the cake.

VP Pence and his team have been working to get the wording of the document in a way that legal eagles can stomach.

The lawyers may not be as big of a problem as the LGBT stormtroopers, expected to swoop in and kick and scream over the idea of people not being forced to cater to their lifestyle.

No, going to a different baker or florist would be out of the question.

One conservative source familiar with the new text, however, told Politico that the language is still “very, very strong.”

The potential signing of the executive order would also coincide with the National Day of Prayer.

Nice touch.

For the time being, it sounds like this is still very much in the planning stages, but this is one I look forward to seeing implemented.

It will be a bittersweet, belated victory for some Christian business owners who suffered under Obama’s oppressive administration, I’m sure.


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