WOW: Latest Shake-Up To Hit Fox News

The rumor that had been drifting about since late last week is that Bill Shine, Fox News co-president and pal of exiled Fox CEO Roger Ailes, is the latest to be kicked off of Fox Island.


Part of the rumor was that the sons of Rupert Murdoch, James and Lachlan Murdoch, were looking for a woman to step in and lead the network, as a show of good faith.

That part, apparently, is true.

What’s a little murky are the conditions of Shine’s ouster.

It was rumored that he was being forced out, but today’s announcement suggests that he resigned on his own.

A memo from Fox’s Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch reads:

“Sadly, Bill Shine resigned today. I know Bill was liked and respected by everybody at Fox News,” wrote Murdoch.

“Fox News continues to break both viewing and revenue records, for which I thank you all for. I am sure we can do even better,” Murdoch’s memo concludes.

Suzanne Scott, who has been with the network since 1996 will step into Shine’s role, as president of programming. She has served as vice president of programming and development since 2009.


Also sharing leadership duties is Jay Wallace. He will serve as president of news.

How this effects Fox’s direction moving forward remains to be seen.

I’ve got what might be an unpopular thought, which guarantees I’m going to say it.

As bad as this is for Shine and for those with the network who are loyal to him, how bad is it for Suzanne Scott, who some are suggesting got the job because a woman was needed to fill a quota spot, in order to stave off all the bad press the network has suffered over the last few months?


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