Hannity And Dobbs Go On Cringe-Worthy On-Air Trump Lovefest

It’s so embarrassing.

They’re two grown men, and they’re going on over President Trump as if he were a member of One Direction and they’re two 12-year old girls.


Yes, I’m positive Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs each have posters of Donald Trump on their bedroom walls, and they kiss them every night before bed.

Dobbs appeared on Hannity’s Fox News program on Thursday night to discuss Trump’s first 100 days and it was as nauseatingly disconnected as you could expect.

Mediaite highlighted the lovefest:

As the two conversed about the state of politics, Dobbs highlighted how Trump had done more than any president in recent history in his first 98 days. Meanwhile, he thinks Speaker of the House Paul Ryan needs to step down, saying the Republican leader has “become nothing less than a caricature” and is “inept,” making the case that Ryan is stopping Trump from carrying out his vision.

His “vision”?

No, quite often, courts, his advisers, foreign heads of state, and our system of checks and balances are keeping him from carrying out his “vision,” but please, do go on.

Hannity weighed in, stating how “frustrating” it is because of the “opportunity that is presented to the country before us to really institute change.” As for Trump, Hannity wanted it to be known that he’s done a really good job of keeping his promises and checking off his list of accomplishments, noting that he’s “not perfect.”

“He’s pretty close to perfect, Sean,” Dobbs jumped in.

“Pretty close,” Hannity responded. “Everything he’s had to do on his own he’s doing.”


He’s doing nothing on his own. He’s not a lone ranger. This is not a monarchy, where a king makes declarations and the loyal subjects bow and acquiesce.

Certainly, Trump has sought to do everything by Executive Order in the first 100 days, and he probably has gotten used to the idea that maybe he can swing the next 4 years that way.

He can’t. That’s not how our system of government was meant to operate.

In fact, while useful, Executive Orders should be used sparingly, only in extreme cases, and after much consultation with cabinet members and lawmakers. Otherwise, you get a lot of what Trump has already faced: blockades and legal battles.

Trump came into office long on rhetoric and woefully short on plans. Or knowledge.

That may be why he’s basically turned the running of everything over to his daughter, Ivanka, and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

People like Hannity, Dobbs, and some of the more loyal, unthinking members of Trump’s cult would like to portray this reality TV huckster and longtime popular media punchline into the alpha-male of politics.


It’s embarrassing, especially when you take into account the mewling interviews of a frustrated Trump, who doesn’t understand why the world doesn’t just love him.

The presidency is hard. Who knew?

With so many broken campaign promises already, I have to wonder what it would take to make people like Hannity and Dobbs rein in their drooling adoration of Trump?




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