Ted Cruz: California Has Infested The 9th Circuit Court With A Corrosive, Left-Wing Influence

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is getting on the administration’s last nerves.

On Wednesday, President Trump suggested that breaking up the court is something that may be taken under review. There is definite frustration with the court, as it is the court that has thwarted Trump’s efforts.

The first time was when they put a halt to his Executive Order banning travel from certain Muslim-majority nations.

Trump isn’t the only one displeased.

Speaking earlier today on “The Jack Riccardi Show,” Texas Senator Ted Cruz explained why the 9th Circuit has become such a problem, citing breaking up the court as an “option.”

Said Cruz:

“I think that’s a topic I can easily see the [Senate] Judiciary Committee taking up, and we’ll have to see whether we have to votes to do that or not.”

Senator Cruz went on to explain how the addition of California to the court’s jurisdiction was pretty much the turd in the punchbowl that ruined the whole thing.

“I think many of the Western states are weighted down by California,” the 2016 GOP presidential candidate said.

“California has a ton of very liberal, left-wing judges that they put on the 9th Circuit. I think a lot of the other Western states would love to be freed from that corrosive left-wing influence.”

States included in the jurisdiction of the 9th Circuit include: California, Alaska, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, Montana, Oregon, Hawaii, Washington, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Trump brought up the notion of breaking up the 9th Circuit as a response to having his efforts to cut funding to sanctuary cities.

The 9th Circuit didn’t actually block Trump’s Executive Order regarding defunding sanctuary cities.

That decision was made by a district judge in San Francisco. The 9th Circuit will hear the administration’s appeal of that order later.

Out of 25 judges, 18 have been appointed by Democratic presidents, so you can get the sense of why that particular court is so bereft of commonsense.

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