Sean Hannity Hits The New York Times With A Wild Rant

What is he going on about?

Yes, as I know you’ve all been desperately awaiting, there is a new installment to the comic strip life of “Sensei Hannity: Internet Tough Guy.”

Fox News’ Sean Hannity went on an unhinged rant against the New York Times Saturday evening over a report that suggested he privately gives counsel to President Trump on issues like repealing Obamacare.

Apparently, Hannity took offense, which is bizarre. Given his total, cult-like devotion and constant groveling at the altar of Trump, you’d think he’d be immensely flattered to have the world think he had that kind of in with his liege.

Dude, seriously?

That was a cringe-worthy attack, not because he was really sticking it to the New York Times. It was more the kind where you see somebody making a complete jackass out of themselves and they don’t really know it, at the time.

One of the reporters who worked on the piece Hannity found so offensive, Maggie Haberman, tried to calm down Hannity’s frothing rager.

Hannity would not be appeased, nor was he capable of giving a civil response.

This is peak-level Trumpidian cult-speak.

It was so childish and unprofessional, it defies even the most bare essentials of sane discourse. Hannity is lashing out at a report that he may have the president’s ear, while pushing the idea that he knows who the president talks to.

The reality is, Trump sat with Haberman and Glenn Thrush earlier in April for an exclusive interview from the Oval Office.

Speaking of Thrush, he chimed in with his own nugget of information for Hannity to chew on:

Me thinks the sensei doth protest too much.


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