UPDATE: Tom Brady Skipped The White House Visit, And We Know Why

Any chance to bag on Tom Brady, so:


Earlier today, it was reported that Super Bowl champion quarterback, Tom Brady, had joined with several other of his fellow New England Patriots and backed out of a scheduled White House visit.


Brady cited “family issues” as his reason for backing out.

Unlike the others who bailed, Brady has actually been a strong supporter of Trump, throughout.

Now we may have a clearer picture of what is meant by “family issues.”

From The Hill:

Supermodel and philanthropist Gisele Bündchen tweeted a link to an April protest against President Trump and his climate policies at the same time Wednesday as her husband, quarterback Tom Brady, was missing the New England Patriots’ visit to the White House.

Again I say: LOL!

Here is the aforementioned tweet:


To be fair, some reports are saying his mom is sick, So maybe she is.

If that’s really the case, feel better soon, Mom Brady.

Otherwise, LOL!

Brady waved off any attempts to get him to talk about his friend, Trump, during the election.

Bündchen was less circumspect, making her opposition to the New York real estate mogul known.

Bündchen has supported many environmental causes throughout her career. In 2008, she began a project called “Forest of the Future” to begin replanting wiped-out portions of the Brazilian rainforest and in 2011 wasnamed “Greenest Celebrity” at the International Green Awards.

Trump has drawn sharp criticism from green groups for his handling of the environment, moving to roll back Obama-era pollution policies and appointing an Environmental Protection Agency head who questions the science behind climate change.


So was it a sick mom or a mad wife?

It’s Tom Brady, so I’m betting on the wife.


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