Ted Cruz: Democrats Under Pressure To Provoke A Government Shutdown

Yeah, as he often is, he’s probably right about this.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is suggesting that with a government deadline for funding is swiftly approaching, Democrats are dragging their feet, playing politics with the nation’s well-being, and hoping for a shutdown.


Said Cruz:

“I will say I’m concerned. I think [Senate Minority Leader] Chuck Schumerand the Democrats want a shutdown,” he said, according to the Texas Tribune.

He added that the party’s base is currently demanding that Senate Democrats “engage in across-the-board obstruction” to anything proposed by Republicans or President Trump.

“And so I do have some concern that to appease the radical left, Chuck Schumer and the Democrats may do everything they can to try to provoke a shutdown,” Cruz told Texas reporters.


And typical.

Lawmakers took a two week recess and once they get back to work, they’re not going to have a lot of time to play their political games, if they hope to make the April 28 deadline.

Some of the issues that seem to be causing upset include Democrats’ insistence that Obamacare payments be part of the budget, as a reaction to Trump’s proposed cancellation of insurer reimbursements.

Whether Trump actually intended to cancel the reimbursements is up for debate, as some saw it as a means of coercing cooperation on a healthcare bill from the Democrats.


Trump’s budget chief, Mick Mulvaney, on the other hand, is asking that more border security and defense spending be included, if lawmakers expect the president to sign the bill.

Cruz is wisely holding his opinion until he sees the actual bill.

Asked if he thought controversial issues like funding for Trump’s border wall should be included, he told reporters that Congress “should use the power of the purse, use appropriation, to implement good policy.”

In other words, do your jobs and stop quibbling with the taxpayers’ money.


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