Judge Rules: No, That Hateful, Anti-Law Enforcement Painting Can't Go Back Up At The Capitol Complex

That disgusting, race-baiting, anti-law enforcement painting is back in the news.


Misery pimp, Rep. Lacy Clay (D-Mo.) attempted to use the courts to have a vile, hateful painting reinstalled in an underground hallway at the Capitol complex. The painting was the winner of a high school art contest in Clay’s district, and it depicts police officers as pigs.


David Pulphus, the “artist” responsible for the vile piece of hate-bait is a constituent of Clay’s, and joined Clay as a plaintiff in the lawsuit against the architect of the Capitol, who had ruled in February that the painting violated the rules of the contest.


The architect of the Capitol cited House Office Building Commission rules that prohibit artwork of sensational nature or about contemporary political controversy. But Clay and Pulphus charged in the lawsuit that the painting had been approved before it was displayed in the Capitol complex, and that no other painting had been taken down prematurely since the art competition began in 1982.

Stephen Ayers, the architect of the Capitol, argued that the display of the artwork amounted to “government speech,” therefore limiting the artist’s right to have his painting kept up.

Indeed, it seems the painting had been disgracing that Capitol complex hallway for six months before anybody noticed it and was (rightfully) repulsed enough to call for it to be removed.

Apparently, nobody pays close attention to what’s on the walls there.

And who determines who the winners of these contests are?

Once it was pointed out how offensive the painting was, a tug-of-war broke out, with Republican lawmakers taking the painting down, then Clay and his fellow hatemongers rushing to put it back up.


They were determined that our nation’s police officers would know just how loathed they are by Clay and his constituents.

That’s something I hope Clay and those Democrat lawmakers who backed him keep in mind, should they ever need help from law enforcement.

Earlier Tuesday, a federal court judge determined that the painting would not go back up.

D.C. Federal Circuit Court Judge John Bates denied a preliminary injunction to restore the painting while the lawsuit proceeds. Clay and Pulphus will appeal that decision.

Let them keep appealing. Clay apparently has nothing better to do with his time than chase the narrative he’s pushing of his supposedly victimized constituency.

So rather than try to uplift them and bring unity to his district, he’s pushing the “Us versus Them” narrative.

That’s the thing about Democrats. If they ever lost the ability to convince people that they were victims, they’d never be able to win another election.



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