New Poll Reveals Shift In Attitudes Towards Trump

Well, this is something.

Trump’s image has taken a steep slide, even as he enjoyed a slight bump in approval after the tomahawk strike in Syria.

From The Hill:

A Gallup poll out early Monday finds only 45 percent of Americans think the president keeps his promises, down from 62 percent in a poll taken in February.

In the recent poll, just 40 percent of women think the president keeps his promises, compared to 51 percent of men. Only 16 percent of Democrats think the president keeps his promises and 81 percent of Republicans agree.


So, that long history of his stiffing creditors and small business owners, as well as all the students who have had to sue over his fake school, Trump University, didn’t do it for you before the election?

Further in, 52 percent of those polled feel he’s a “strong, decisive” leader, who can bring about real change. It sounds good, until you hear that number was at 59 percent in February.

As far as the change thing, he pulled 45 percent there, as far as those who think he can bring needed change to the country. That’s down from 53 percent in February.

Only 36 percent of respondents view the president as honest and trustworthy in the recent poll while 41 percent think he can manage the government effectively.

I’d ask, “Why so high?” but then somebody would inevitably show up in the comments section here and ask me why I don’t want to make America great again.

At least one person is going to say “fake news.” That’s a given.


While there’s no information given as to what may have contributed to the decline in those numbers since February, not repealing Obamacare may be one clue.

The poll was conducted between April 5 and April 9, with 1,019 adult participants. It has a margin of error of 4 percent.


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