Trump Wants Tax Day Protesters Investigated

Donald Trump still doesn’t quite grasp the finer details of politics.

Somewhere in his mind, he thought being president meant that everybody would love him and there would be no dissent, ever again.


And then he actually assumed the office and his fantasy of the job didn’t align with the reality.

Such is the cognitive dissonance going on in Trump’s brain, regarding this lack of love he’s feeling, that he lashed out at weekend protesters, who took to the streets to demand he finally release his tax returns.

Yes, the election is over, but you’ve still got tax returns and there are people who still want to see them.

What you don’t do, Donnie, is threaten to “look into,” or crack down on those people who chose to spend their Saturday protesting.

Something about the government not prohibiting the right of citizens to peaceably assemble or petitioning the government for redress of grievances.

Somebody get that man a pocket Constitution.


Also, winning the Electoral College isn’t some magic shield that would suddenly make people forget that you’re also one of the most divisive, disrespectful, and secretive individuals to ever hold the office of POTUS.

The other was Barack Obama, so you guys have that in common.

My suggestion – which I know will fall on deaf ears – is silence your doubters by tossing those tax returns out there.

The IRS says you’re perfectly ok to do so, and you’re the only president in 40 years who seems to have some desperate need to keep the public in the dark about your returns.

So let’s see them, and all this goes away.


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