Jared Kushner Ordered Trump Adviser From Amazon

Whatever. I find everything on Amazon, too.

I’m not so sure this particular package came in one of those cardboard boxes with the smiley logo, though.

The Hill is reporting on a Vanity Fair story that claims Jared Kushner found Trump adviser, Peter Navarro after browsing Amazon.


According to the report, Trump asked Kushner to do research on China, so he started browsing Amazon.

At least it wasn’t Wikipedia.

There, he found a book co-written by Peter Navarro and was struck by its title, “Death by China.”

Kushner then cold-called Navarro and invited him to be an adviser to the Trump campaign, according to the report. Navarro now directs the White House National Trade Council and serves as the Assistant to the President.

When the Trump campaign brought on Navarro, he was the only economic adviser on the team and likely reinforced Trump’s convictions about China’s trade policies.

Trump railed against China and how China was getting over on the U.S. during his campaign.

After entertaining Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago a week ago, however, we can presume that Trump was schooled, because he emerged from the meeting with a new flip on an old campaign promise.

Instead of labeling China as currency manipulators, he’s ready to call them partners in the fight against North Korea’s rogue aggression.

And in trade. He’s ready to trade with China.

I’m not sure where this leaves Navarro, since his attitude towards China is somewhat less generous.

Too bad we couldn’t search Amazon for a president.

I’m just saying…


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