Palace Intrigue: Social Media Takes Sides In Rumored Battle Between Bannon And Kushner

Do you have a good supply of popcorn?

On Friday, fueled by the rumors of internal strife within the White House, #FireKushner became a trending topic on social media.


The backstory is, there are loyalists to White House chief strategist and former Breitbart CEO, Steve Bannon, within the White House.

All the alt-right, MAGA, fake-news-as-real-news swill we’ve been inundated with for months is the product of the man who calls himself a “Leninist,” Steve Bannon.

The Pepe-pimps are firmly on Team Bannon.

Then there is everything else from Trump that is absolutely the influence of his liberal Democrat daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner.

Kushner rode a wave of nepotism to a spot by Trump’s side as a senior adviser, and the guy Trump has pretty much made president-by-proxy, as he has given more and more control into the guy’s hands.

The ones who don’t want to be pushed out of their jobs within the White House are most definitely Team Kushner.

Kushner may have more power within the White House (where it actually matters), but on social media, thousands pushed the #FireKushner hashtag to the number one trending topic.

Some of the “lovelier” tweets with the hashtag:


This has more to do with the fact that so many of Trump’s loyalists were upset about Thursday night’s tomahawk strike against a Syrian airfield. They saw it as an attempt to nation build, and “globalism,” the antithesis of the nationalism pushed by Bannon.

That, and Kushner being Jewish, so of course, that healthy dose of anti-Semitism is there, as has always been with a great portion of the MAGA crowd.

The overspill of tensions onto social media is not sitting well with President Trump, so according to a report from Politico on Friday, a sit-down meeting at Mar-a-Lago was ordered between Kushner and Bannon, in order to iron out their differences.

Bannon and Kushner had for months been allies. In recent weeks, though, there has been substantial discord between them. The fight, people in the administration say, centers on policy differences. Bannon, White House chief strategist, is a flame-throwing populist who formerly ran Breitbart News. He has criticized Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, for his more politically moderate approach. Kushner is suspicious of Bannon’s fiery style and has been concerned about how he’s influencing the president.

Suspicion between Bannon’s team and Kushner’s has intensified in recent days, with both sides accusing the other of planting negative stories in the media.


And the rumors persist.

One that has been gaining steam in recent days is that not only Bannon, but White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and several aides could very well be getting the boot from the administration.

Notice, the rumors are that Bannon will be getting the boot.

Nobody is suggesting Kushner is in any danger of being fired.

If you want to point and laugh at the #KeepBannon crowd, you would be well within your rights.


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