Conveniently, NCAA Drops Its Boycott Against North Carolina

First of all: HOW ‘BOUT DEM HEELS?!

Longtime UNC Tar Heels fans (like myself) will get that. Longtime Duke Blue Devils fans are off somewhere gorging on Cherry Garcia and braiding each other’s hair, while crying to Mumford and Sons albums.


Last night, the UNC Tar Heels took on Gonzaga in the NCAA college basketball national championship and pulled out the win, 71 – 65, making this their sixth tournament championship.

This morning, the thugs of the NCAA announced that they are dropping their boycott of North Carolina, saying that the recent repeal deal reached on the controversial bathroom bill, HB2, “met their standards.”

 In a statement Tuesday morning, the NCAA Board of Governors said the compromise agreed to late last week between legislative Republicans and Gov. Roy Cooper (D) would allow them to operate according to their own internal policies governing inclusion and gay, lesbian and transgender rights.

“In the end, a majority on the NCAA Board of Governors reluctantly voted to allow consideration of championship bids in North Carolina by our committees that are presently meeting,” the NCAA said. Events already scheduled for the 2017-2018 school year will continue as planned.

The NCAA said sites bidding for future championships will have to submit new documentation that shows steps taken to prevent discrimination.


Notice the language.

The NCAA are carefully parsing their words, making sure the state (and any other state with sports leagues under their banner) know that they intend to keep their boot on their throat.

One note of interest is that the NCAA rushed to promote the sale of merchandise for the new NCAA men’s basketball champions – the UNC Tar Heels, so they definitely aren’t opposed to taking money made from a winning North Carolina team.

An upside is that just as Governor Roy Cooper had to learn after signing HB142, the bill that repealed HB2, any stance that doesn’t outright condemn sane bathroom policies in the state, giving the perverts freedom to come and go as they please in public bathrooms, will be attacked by the social justice mob.

LGBT rights groups assailed the replacement bill, which will still prevent localities from enacting new anti-discrimination ordinances for several years. On Tuesday, those groups were quick to condemn the NCAA’s decision to return to North Carolina.

“The NCAA’s decision to backtrack on their vow to protect LGBTQ players, employees and fans is deeply disappointing and puts people at risk,” said Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign. “After drawing a line in the sand and calling for repeal of HB2, the NCAA simply let North Carolina lawmakers off the hook.”


No, Chad. The NCAA was waiting to make this announcement until after the championship game. Had a North Carolina team not made it to the championship, they likely would have come out against the repeal deal beforehand. Because a North Carolina team made it to the championship, and eventually won it all, they don’t want to hinder their ability to make money off of the name of the UNC Tar Heels.

So, just to be clear, the NCAA thuggery value money far more than they do the rights of citizens, no matter what side of the issue those citizens come down on.


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