OOPS: Elaine Chao's Unfortunate Tweet May Have Been An Employee Mistake

There was a bit of a Twitter stir yesterday, when President Trump’s Transportation Secretary pick, Elaine Chao, seemed to agree with Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters that Trump should be impeached.


After the House Intel Committee hearings began on Monday, probing Russian interference in the 2016 election, Waters tweeted out:

From Chao’s professional Twitter account there was a response on Wednesday that read:


It was quickly deleted.

It looked curious, and even concerning. According to a report from POLITICO, it wasn’t Chao.

But according to a Transportation Department spokesperson, the tweet was “posted by an employee with access to the account” who “took action outside of his scope of work and duties and without any approvals.”

“We are taking appropriate action,” the spokesperson said. “We regret that this transpired and have taken steps to prevent any future occurrence.”

This is somebody who either didn’t realize they were accessing the secretary’s professional account, or they really didn’t care about their job.

Considering how swiftly it was removed, I’m going to say it was a mistake.

I’m curious about that particular employee’s job status, today.


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