Jake Tapper: "I've Never Seen This Level Of Falsehood" (VIDEO)

President Trump is not letting his war on media subside, so CNN’s Jake Tapper isn’t backing down, either.

I can’t say I blame him. As I’ve stressed, repeatedly, bias or no bias, we still need a free media.


“I’ve never really seen this level of falsehood,” Tapper said on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

“Just quantitatively. It’s not just, ‘If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor,’ it’s conspiracy theories based on nothing that have members of his own party distancing themselves from him.”

He’s not wrong.

Trump and those faithful to Trump have weaponized social media, with rumors, innuendo, and outright hoaxes not only spreading like wildfire, but sticking, no matter how much evidence exists to the contrary.

It is rampant, with legitimate news organizations struggling to get the truth out, over the actual “fake news” sites that thrive on the gullibility of the public.

“Politicians lie. It wasn’t invented on January 20,” Tapper said, but Trump is trying to “discredit the entire fourth estate, the entire media, we’re all fake news except for ‘Fox And Friends.’”

Tapper went on to say what bothered him the most was the attack on John McCain as not being a war hero.

Say what you will about McCain. His record as a senator is fair game. The man is awful.

His service to his country, however, is not.

McCain didn’t just serve, he suffered in a Vietnamese war prison. To have such a hedonistic, unserious man as Donald Trump disparage that is unconscionable.

“The truth of the matter is that there’s no bias when it comes to facts and there’s no bias when it comes to decency,” Tapper added. “It is empirically indecent to make fun of the disabled. You don’t have to be a Democrat or a Republican or Independent or socialist or libertarian. That is just indecent. My children know better than that.”


We can assume Trump did not have the same kind of upbringing as some of us.

Tapper went on to make the point that Trump is where he is because Democrats didn’t offer anything worthwhile with Hillary Clinton.

He also feels that some voted for Trump, not because of what he said, but in spite of what he said, because the desire to stick a thumb in the eye of liberals, as well as establishment Republicans was so great.

People are tired. They want to see Washington do something, and Trump seemed poised to shake everything up.

If you can overlook Maher’s predictable schmaltz, suggesting such ridiculousness that if half the people really want Trump, maybe the UN should step in, good points are actually made.

It’s surprising how even a hack like Maher can produce a quality discussion, with the right guests.


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