Former National Security Spokesperson Pick Registers As Foreign Agent For Ukrainian Billionaire

After former Fox News personality, Monica Crowley stepped back from becoming President Trump’s national security spokesperson, following a plagiarism scandal, it didn’t take long for her new role to emerge.


Crowley has registered as a foreign agent, in service to a Ukrainian billionaire named Victor Pinchuk.

A document showing the registration, signed March 10, has been posted Justice Department’s website pursuant to the Foreign Agents Registration Act statute.

The FACA form shows Crowley registered to work under political analyst Doug Schoen and that she will be rendering her “outreach services” to Pinchuk on a part-time basis.

Her ties to Trump were possibly helpful in getting her new gig.

In 2015, Pinchuk donated $150,000 to the Trump Foundation for a speech Trump gave to a European security meeting, hosted by a Pinchuk-founded NGO.

Asked about the hire, Schoen told the Washington Examiner that he approached Crowley, who has been a professional colleague of his at Fox News, only after she left the position she ‎had been appointed to by the Trump administration.

“I was very pleased that Monica agreed to join my firm and she has been working on a number of matters for me and my firm, only since she chose to resign from the position she was appointed to in the Trump Administration,” he said.

Crowley left her new post in January, after getting busted by several stories in Politico and at CNN, regarding her plagiarism, a charge she denies.



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