Senator Graham: Wiretapping Allegation Could Be Bigger Scandal Than Watergate

At a raucous town hall event in Clemson, South Carolina today, Senator Lindsey Graham addressed the controversy of the day, concerning Trump’s claims of President Obama having Trump Tower wiretapped back in October 2016.


“I don’t know what happened,” the senator began, before offering a summary of Trump’s allegations on Twitter earlier in the day.

“If it is true, illegally, it would be the biggest political scandal since Watergate,” Graham said, to shouting. He added that if the Obama administration was able to obtain a warrant lawfully to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia, then that would be the biggest scandal since Watergate.

In other words, it’s a scandal, no matter which side of the fence things fall to.

Graham went on to say he was worried, but that as a senator, it was his job to get to the bottom of it, and he promised his constituents that he would.

And that is the absolute, level-best of any lawmaker trying to put out all the Trump fires, whether they be fires started by opponents, or fires he starts himself.

Several politicians, including Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on Saturday have suggested an independent commission investigate the wiretapping.


There is a lot of stress on both sides over this, and depending on what comes of it, either Trump is a victim or a fool.

As Kimberly Ross brought earlier, Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse offered up the most sober, on point assessment of this entire fiasco.

He called for nonpartisan, dispassionate examination of facts made available, with the hope of getting to the bottom of Trump’s claims.

There seem to be enough support on both sides of the aisle to investigate. It may be one of the few times both sides are in agreement, so let’s not waste the moment.

Let’s make it happen.


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