Arnold Schwarzenegger Responds To Trump's Very Unprofessional Mocking

Because he is a petty, small man, and one by-the-numbers reading of a teleprompter cannot overcome his utter lack of class.

After Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that he would not be back as host of “The Apprentice” on Friday, due to “baggage,” our “president” decided to gloat and jab at him over Twitter.


I can’t blame Schwarzenegger for wanting to cut that bit of unnecessary stress out of his life.

In remarks Friday, the former California governor cited President Trump, who has repeatedly mocked the ratings of his reality TV replacement, as his reason.

“Even if asked [to do it again] I would decline,” Schwarzenegger told Empire magazine. “I learned a lot, I had a great time, it was a really great opportunity. But under the circumstances, I don’t want to do it again.”

And with everything going on in the world, you would think Trump would have so much more to be concerned with, other than a TV reality show that, in truth, has run its course and likely would not have survived, no matter who was the host.


Schwarzenegger responded to Trump’s tweet this morning with his own.

And maybe decide if he wants to be POTUS or a full-time Twitter troll, because, right now, I don’t see how our nation can make it with someone so unfocused and unprofessional at the helm.


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