Why Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's First Day On The Job Was The Coolest Ever

Uh… ok. Wow.

I’m not really sure how to start this, except to say: That is SO cool!

Thursday was the first day on the job for the new Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, and he arrived on the job in fine style.


Yuppers. That’s a horse.

Zinke is a former Navy SEAL and Montana congressman, and if nothing else, he knows how to make an entrance.

He arrived, flanked by two U.S. Park Police officers, also on horses. He wasn’t really dressed like you expect a U.S. secretary to dress, either, but he struck a fine form, nonetheless.

Zinke was confirmed on Wednesday, 68-31.

I’m pretty sure we’re not going to see anyone else arrive for their first day on the job in quite this fashion.

My daddy rode a goat to school once, in the 2nd grade, then tied it to the blackboard. He got in a bit of trouble for that. I’m going to assume Secretary Zinke left the horse outside and he had a productive day, yesterday.


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