Don't Rock The Boat: Trump Delays Signing New Travel Ban

While they’re not saying that the delay is due to the positive coverage of his Tuesday night address, it kind of looks like he doesn’t want to disrupt this otherwise positive new day with any heavy news.


And by delay, I mean Trump won’t be signing a new travel ban order today, as was planned.

A White House official did not explicitly tell CNN that the favorable coverage spurred Trump to delay the signing, but did not deny that it played a role in the matter.

“We want the [executive order] to have its own ‘moment,’ ” CNN quoted the official as saying.

The decision to delay the order reportedly came Tuesday night after the president returned to the White House from Capitol Hill.

The initial travel ban set off alarms for those who felt it was an explicit ban on Muslims. It barred citizens from seven Muslim nations from entering, before a 90 day waiting period, and barred citizens from Syria indefinitely.

A federal court blocked that order, so Trump’s team went back to the drawing board.

At first, President Trump insisted that he would push the issue to the Supreme Court, but then decided to craft another travel ban order, with the intention of making the new one more compliant with the law.


He was set to sign that new order today, but now it is on hold.

 Vice President Pence on Wednesday said that the administration is finalizing the new order.

“They’re putting out the finishing touches on that executive order,” Pence said during an interview on CBS’ “This Morning.” “It should be out in the next few days.”

One rumor is that the new order has removed Iraq from the list.

We should see the details of the new order soon, so maybe Trump will sign by next week.


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