Barack Obama Is Still Beating Trump (And Every Other President) Here

I actually was curious about this. Apparently, I was not alone.

I had long thought that Barack Obama was the most self-absorbed, egotistical wreck of a president that this nation had ever seen.

Then along comes Trump, who manages to make everything about himself and his easily bruised ego.

One of the things that annoyed me the most about Obama was his consistent use of the word, “I.” It’s as if he really thought this entire government was about his feelings, his wants, and his legacy.

Before last night’s speech, I wondered how many times we’d hear Trump refer to himself in third person, or say “I,” or “my.”

According to the Washington Examiner, it wasn’t that much.

Compared to Obama’s first speech to a joint session of Congress, Trump is just an upstart in the ego department.

Trump used the word “I” 40 times and said “my” 12 times during his speech at the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday evening. During Obama’s first such address eight years earlier, he said “I” a total of 68 times and “my” on eight occasions.

Trump won points for staying on message, last night. The predicted word salad nightmare did not happen.

A lot of his signature words and phrases (“bigly,” “Believe me…”) were missing, thankfully.

And yes, even when he snuck in mention of his big government, totally-not-conservative “Ivankacare” and a trillion dollar infrastructure plan, everybody was pretty well mesmerized by his ability to keep from going off the rails, by that point.

More of this, Donald. More of this.

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