Shocked, Not Shocked: Breitbart Scores Exclusive Trump Interview

Because of course they do.

While President Trump continues to wage war on the media, he’s definitely not anti-publicity.

In fact, Trump absolutely revels in the attention of the media, as long as it is appropriately worshipful.


To that point, Breitbart has scored a second, exclusive interview with the president.

Breitbart’s Washington editor Matthew Boyle is slated to conduct the interview, Axios reported.

It’s the second such interview offered to the controversial conservative news site. A reporter from the website interviewed White House press secretary Sean Spicer earlier in February.

I’m sure having Steve Bannon, the former CEO of Breitbart serving as White House chief strategist was helpful in securing access.

It’s a safe move for Trump.

After a tough couple of weeks, letting Matthew Boyle climb up in his lap with a bucket full of softball questions and a hefty dose of adoration will provide just the boost Trump’s ego needs.

From the primaries forward, Breitbart has served as Ground Zero for the alt-right movement, and Trump has always been their ideal.

Don’t look for any hard-hitting, informative reporting from this interview.

And don’t try to read it without a ready supply of barf bags nearby.


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