Hannity Apologizes For Being A Dumpster Full Of Garbage

Earlier today, our Caleb Howe highlighted a disgusting tweet from Trump’s best gimp, Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

The gist was, Hannity in his giddy rush to condemn those who speak negatively against his liege retweeted a fake news story, which called Senator John McCain a “globalist war criminal.”


It was a vile piece of FAKE NEWS, oozed from the bowels of the fakest news possible – Gateway Pundit.

In the GP piece, the lying liar that dumps this stuff from the festering cesspool of self-loathing that is his mind, claimed that according to Wikileaks files from 2008, McCain had requested campaign contributions from the Russian ambassador.

After Hannity posted it to Twitter, a spokeswoman for McCain’s office responded, prompting Hannity to delete the offensive lie post.

“It is unfortunate that Sean Hannity would attack Senator John McCain over a fake news story. It’s wrong and he should correct the record,” said Julie Tarallo, a spokeswoman for McCain.

He then tweeted out an apology to Senator McCain.


You didn’t just retweet “inaccurate information,” Sean. You retweeted FAKE NEWS!

I actually saw a bit of the opening to Hannity’s program the other night and he absolutely jumped on board Trump’s efforts to label the media as “enemies” of the American people, and supposedly, it’s all because of “fake news.”

If that’s the standard, is Sean now to be rightly labeled as an enemy to this nation?


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