Jared Kushner Complains To CNN Parent Company About Coverage Of Trump

So apparently, President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, went to the parent company of CNN, Time Warner, and complained about the unfair coverage of Trump by the network.


Kushner reportedly met with Gary Ginsberg, an executive of CNN’s parent company Time Warner, and chided what he views as unfair coverage of the Trump administration by the network. He reportedly mentioned commentators Navarro and Van Jones specifically.

According to the report, Kushner specifically took issue with contributors Van Jones and Ana Navarro, for their criticism of Trump in harsh terms.
Navarro fired back after the report, calling Kushner a “baby.”

Kushner has been deep in Trump’s ear for the entirety of the process, from the primaries to the White House.

Truth be known, he and his wife, Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, probably have more to say about what’s coming from the White House now than Trump, himself.

I can only imagine that, under those circumstances, criticisms of his father-in-law feel more like criticisms of he and his wife, so of course he’s complaining.

Navarro had stood firmly against Trump throughout the 2016 election. This should be no surprise.


She said 2016 would be the first election in which she voted against the Republican nominee.

“I voted against Donald Trump because I am Hispanic,” Navarro wrote in a CNN.com opinion piece on Monday announcing her decision.

No explanation necessary.


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