Trump Associate Pimps His New Book By Calling CNN "Cowards"

Trump Associate Pimps His New Book By Calling CNN "Cowards"

This guy.

Roger Stone is a longtime associate of Donald Trump’s, and a full-time scumbag.

Back in the early part of 2016, he was banned from appearing on CNN, because of racist comments.

And because he’s a scumbag.

Now, he’s written a book about Trump’s rise, he has to try and sell it, so he’s saying things that smart money says are complete lies.

During an interview with the Washington Examiner, Stone said he was supposed to be interviewed Tuesday by CNN anchor Jake Tapper to promote his new book “The Making of the President 2016: How Donald Trump Orchestrated a Revolution.”

He said, however, that it was canceled because the network is afraid to have him on.

“So, CNN has no ethics and they continue to pump fake news,” Stone said, referring to Trump’s frequent attacks on the network. “I was supposed to interview with Jake Tapper [Tuesday]. Needless to say, that is now canceled — cowards; they’re cowards.”

Notice how he jumps on the “fake news” mantra?

Yes, all news we don’t like is “fake news,” apparently. He learned his lessons from Trump well.

He even took it to Twitter.

Tapper, however, had his own response:

Would anyone be shocked to learn Stone didn’t bother to respond?

A spokesperson for CNN referred the Examiner to a statement on Stone from early 2016 that said he was no longer invited to appear on its programming.

“And nothing has changed,” the spokesperson said.

To date, Stone has called CNN’s Ana Navarro a “rabid Pekinese,” and “dumber than dogsh*t.”

He referred to Roland Martin, a former political analyst with CNN (and who happens to be black), a “quota hire.”

Yeah. I’m sure they couldn’t wait to have him back on their network.

He’s also banned from MSNBC.

He’ll have to continue to try and pimp his book through social media, or whatever other avenue opens for him, but until that time, it’s safe to assume anything out of his mouth is a lie.

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