Major Social Media Site Donating Big Bucks To Planned Parenthood

Maybe we owe thanks to some of these businesses and individuals who are donating to Planned Parenthood.

Thanks… but not our business, mind you.

Thanks, because they keep proving that Planned Parenthood doesn’t need to be in the pocket of the American taxpayer. Government funding is not necessary and the butcher of thousands of unborn infants each year should not be rewarded through tax dollars.


Indeed, there are enough celebrities cheering on Planned Parenthood that if all of them gave from their wealth to back up what they speak of in such laudatory terms, then that would take care of a sizable bulk of funding.

Then there are the corporations, like the social media site, Tumblr.

The upcoming 2017 SXSW Conference, an annual music and film festival held in Austin, Texas, boasts Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards and Tumblr CEO David Karp as partner speakers, among many other big names and celebrities. Coincidence? Not a chance.

On March 10, Richards and Karp will address the topic, “Activism, Allyship and Where We Go from Here.” That’s because, as SXSW pointed out, not only does Karp run Tumblr, a social media blogging site with more than 300 million “creators,” but also he serves as a Planned Parenthood board member.

Last week, Tumblr tweeted out an announcement that they’d put their money where their mouth is and gave big to the slaughter of the unborn.

So many smiling faces, absolutely thrilled to take the burden off of the taxpayers by supporting Planned Parenthood all on their own, I’m going to guess.

On their own site, Tumblr staff continued, “Our employees donated, and we’d like to encourage you to donate too, or to help out in any way you can.” Bryana Sortino, operations manager and head of merchandiseadded on her Tumblr blog, “my heart is swollen.”

And there’s more. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, a David Karp from New York employed by Tumblr donated $5,000 to Planned Parenthood in 2015.


These are sizable amounts given corporately, and personally.

Karp and Tumblr aren’t the only social media giants supporting the atrocious practice of abortion and calling it a women’s health issue.

Facebook and Twitter are also supporters, although none of their CEOs actually sits on the board of directors for Planned Parenthood.

You know, I get that until there is action by the courts to protect innocent life, and until we see a changing of hearts in the culture, abortion is going to be an ugly, gaping wound on the soul of the nation.

Until that time, we keep speaking up and condemning the practice.

We also lobby our representatives in Washington to get the despicable death mongers that make up Planned Parenthood off of the government dole.

Until then, let those who so lustily support abortion “rights” foot the bill at their expense. Not ours.





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