Sixth NE Patriots Player Chooses To Sit Out Post-Super Bowl Visit To White House

This really should be about celebrating their dramatic come-from-behind victory in Super Bowl 51, and honoring the efforts of their teammates.

At least, that’s what the winning team’s post-game invite to the White House has traditionally been about.


Now, apparently, it’s all about making a stand on your personal politics, or something.

A sixth member of the New England Patriots has announced that he will not be traveling with his teammates to the White House meeting with President Trump.

Defensive lineman Alan Branch joins five of his teammates who have said they would not make the trip to the White House.

Branch did not specifically mention Trump in his decision, but said in an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio this week that he would stay home with his family instead.

“I’ve got four kids at home so I’m just going to hang out with the family and continue celebrating until the next season starts,” he said.

That actually sounds like a really simple, nice plan.

The Patriots had a solid season. The players were on the road a lot and away from their families, so if Branch wants to just make it about family during the off-season, that’s a wonderful thing.

Then again, he apparently didn’t like his family as much in 2014.


After the Patriots’ 2014 Super Bowl win, Branch had no problem taking time away from his family to meet with President Obama in the White House.

It’s really his choice, but to be honest, I’d rather he stay home and pout than to show up and choose to use that opportunity to make a public statement, by disrespecting the new president in front of the cameras.

I actually have a sneaking suspicion that something like that may happen.

If  it  does, remember I called it.

To date, defensive end Chris Long, tight end Marcellus Bennett, running back LaGarrette Blount, defensive back Devin McCourty, and linebacker Dont’a Hightower have all decided to sit this one out.


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